Dear Lord: Toddlers.

Dear Lord,

Today Son #1 tried to kick or step on Son #2’s head.

When I told him it wasn’t okay to “kick his brother in the head.” He vehemently insisted that I had misunderstood him, that all he was trying to do was, “just walk on his head.”

The sun, what fun.

It made me feel better briefly, but then I thought, what if I have to second guess everything Son #1 does; won’t that put a strain on our trust for one another?

Then I thought of You. I thought, why did You invent such a stage in the holy creation of man: the toddler. This creature with the will of a thousand honey bees awakened by a baseball to its nest. This being with the energy of infinite suns radiating on your worn bones, especially when you’ve on the sofa waiting for bedtime to arrive while in one arm, you have Son #2 passing a #2 and Son #1 on the run at 8pm when you’ve been stuck inside for the last 28 hours already because it’s been a snowy frigid day outside. That type of sunlight.

I thought, am I being exposed to this treatment because I am not Christian? Or that my partner, a trained Catholic, slept through his 8 years of CCD?

At any rate, there’s not much hope for redemption.

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